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We are really fortunate to have with us in a capacity that goes far beyond advisory, experts of the repute of Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka.

Chief Scientific Adviser

A Professor in the Department of Molecular Sciences, University of Tennessee, Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka is our Chief Scientific Adviser. He has three decades of hands on experience in virology and molecular biology and has published extensively in many high impact journals. He was a member of the team that discovered the proto-oncogenes for which the 1989 Nobel Prize was awarded to Drs. H.E.Varmus and J.M.Bishop. Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka was also the key person for cloning and commercialization of Hepatitis B vaccine (Shanvac-BTM) and Interferon Alpha 2b (ShanferonTM) by Shantha Biotechnics Ltd, Hyderabad. He is also credited with cloning and sequencing, for the first time, the entire genome of Indian isolates of Hepatitis C Virus. Recently he received the Genome Valley Excellence Award at the BioAsia 2006, held in February 2006.

• Worldwide Patent No. 5,780,611 is an asset to Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka for Oligomers, which inhibit expression of Collagen Genes. This nucleic acid based drug is to control organ fibrosis (liver, kidney, lungs, heart, restenosis, etc.).
• He guides Sudershan Biotech Ltd. in cloning and expression of Recombinant Therapeutic Vaccines for Viruses and Industrial Enzymes for the production of Antibiotics & Anti-viral drugs. He also guides Sudershan Biotech Ltd. in the future product pipeline and direction to achieve the set goals.
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